Why use a framework to promote youth development?

A framework is a tool that helps build consensus among those working on behalf of youth. It helps shape and align efforts in an organization, institution or community around the common goal of helping young people make a healthy transition to adulthood.

A useful framework for youth development will:

Summarize existing knowledge
identify the strongest evidence in the research literature about what matters for youth
serve as a bridge between academic research and practice

Promote accountability across settings
establish standards which ensure real, fair, and consistent ways of providing quality programming for youth
identify outcomes to evaluate the benefits of programs for participants and to guide program improvement

Offer strategies for strengthening key settings
put information in terms of action - focus on what communities, institutions families, and programs can do to support youth in their community

Provide a common language
for groups of diverse stakeholders – organizations, programs, funders, researchers, community members, and youth – as they work together in communities
serve as a bridge between academic research and practice

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